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What is in the package?


  • 1-10 packages            €25,-(excl. VAT) per package
  • 11-25 packages          €22,50 (excl. VAT) per package
  • 26+ packages              €20,- (excl. VAT) per package


Personal delivery to your office by one of the team members of The Care Package
in Provincie Zeeland and Bergen op Zoom for a price of €7,- per delivery.
This way of delivery offers the chance for you to have a special moment
of showing apprecation when personally gifting the packages to the employees.

What is The Care Package?

The Care Package will offer a solution for employers that have employees that are working from home. As an employer you wish to keep the professional relationship with employees intact, and that is hard during these days. That is why The Care Package will produce giftboxes that help to strengthen and secure the relationship between the two. 

The product that will be offered by The Care Package is a unique giftbox. This giftbox will be filled with nine products and tools, in order to help employees with working from home in a pleasant way. The products in the package solve common problems, which often appear while working from home, like for instance neckache. In other words, The Care Package says no to lack of motivation, tiredness and a weak connection between employer and employee. With the special package of the company, working from home will become a pleasure.  

Who are we?

The team behind The Care Package consists of six educated and motivated partners that come from three different countries. Most of the team members have already some prior experiences in doing business and the departments they are assigned to. Furthermore, this team is characterized by its creativity, skills and hard work.   

The student company idea started from personal interests which results in great motivation to make this process a success. This team has seven external advisors in case of need and two coaches. Learn more about the international team members in the meet the team section. 

Our mission

The Care Package’s mission is to provide a service, a feeling of appreciation and securing pleasant remote work experiences.  

Our vision

Make as many people as possible happy with the giftboxes creates by The Care Package. 

Values and philosophy

Community is a value that The Care Package lives by. The business cares about creating strong bonds between employers and their employees. Other values are high quality and open communication.  

The slogan “We are in this together” shows that the employers are not alone in the process of showing appreciation to their employers as well as that the employers and employees are still a team, even though there is some physical distance between the two.  

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